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Your Team Needs Help! Let us Answer for You.

Inbound and Outbound Calls
24/7 Live Answering Service

As automation becomes more prevalent in what we do today, we understand just how valuable it is to  speak with a live person.

We are

Always On.


When you're growing your business, every conversation matters. That's why business owners worldwide trust the WAN! team to nurture new and current customer relationships that foster loyalty with every call. Our team will help you run your business from anywhere, and partner with experts that serve your live receptionist needs.

At WAN!, we help thriving companies scale their current processes without sacrificing the quality of life or flexibility.  The WAN! team will help you keep your existing client base and gain new clients. 

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The outsourcing dilemma has four probable scenarios likely to fit gaps in service. The uncertainty areas drive social, technical, economic, and environmental operational decisions. For this reason, every active decision must align with strategy and foresight implications and actions to support external delegation.


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Value Pricing

If you're experiencing start-up growth or seeking scalability to manage expansive growth, get the help you need without sacrificing lifestyle.

We Answer 24/7

Our seasoned career professionals answer your calls so you won't miss an emergency update or potential client.


We are a US-based outsourcing company that is proud to offer native English-speaking professionals who serve national and international teams.

We are a US-Based company that provides 24/7 live receptionist support to international clients!

Meet Our Founder, Autonnette McLaughlin

Autonnette McLaughlin is an international strategic foresight consultant with over a decade of experience empowering entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and organizations to navigate the complexities of an uncertain future. As the founder of AM Consulting and We Answer Now, she helps clients anticipate trends, make informed decisions, and build resilient, adaptable businesses.


Through strategic foresight consulting, she guides clients in exploring possible, probable, and preferable futures to inform their decision-making and planning processes. Her tailored approach enables early-stage startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and aspiring entrepreneurs to develop future-oriented strategies and seize emerging opportunities. We Answer Now complements these services by providing efficient and professional virtual teams to aid entrepreneurs and businesses in their day-to-day operations. 

Through foresight presentations, workshops, and consulting engagements, Autonnette equips novice and seasoned leaders with the tools and insights to tackle challenges, manage change, and build resilient operations. Her passion lies in helping clients create a better future for their organizations and the communities they serve.

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We support customer service frameworks by creating an atmosphere of professionalism, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction for industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations. We provide direct access to efficient and professional virtual teams that collaborate between various platforms to complete inbound & outbound communications and 24/7 answer services in the global marketplace.

How We Can Help You.

We deliver thoughtful partnerships that design virtual workplace solutions to fit the delivery models of national and international companies.

Answering Service

In a 24/7 day, we know the world does not stop when your staff is away. We focus on listening, engagement, message taking and delivery. Leave the phones to us so you can get things done or relax and enjoy life.

We Answer for you when...

  • Your staff is off

  • Your staff is at lunch

  • Your staff is in a meeting

  • Weekends and holidays

  • Emergencies

  • Disaster Response

Inbound & Outbound

Let our professional team represent you and your company as your staff represents your organization. We will think and act based on your mission and core values to meet or exceed the needs of your customers.

  • Appointment Setting

  • Dispatching

  • Technical Support

  • Event Registration

  • Customer Support

  • Customized Services

Contact Center

Our focus is working with your clients on the front lines to learn their wants, needs and desires.  We partner with you to communicate your value proposition while enhancing your brand, gathering market intelligence and creating a sales funnel.

  • Skills-Based Routing

  • Decision Logic Scripting

  • Warm Transferring

  • Call Spike Handling

  • Customer Support

  • Customized Services


Text Messaging Campaigns

Mass text communications have become vital and paying for an aggregator as an individual or small business can be difficult. For this reason, we offer campaigns to  support: 

  • Appointment reminders

  • Updates

  • Sales

  • Coupon Codes

Ask About Our CRM Management & Emergency Preparedness Plan Services


Get practical and tactical information and advice to build your business or improve your current marketing, lead generation, follow-up, and sales efforts.


We Answer 24/7 365 Days a Year! Call Us Today!


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